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adventure play

adventure play

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Did you know that the adventure playground in the Venture Centre was first built in 1960 and was one of the first in London? There are two fantastic playground areas complete with tango swings, tree houses and rope bridges. Ofsted registered play workers run a variety of art and craft activities, sports and games.

Our adventure playground focuses on family fun and features a wide range of equipment suitable for toddlers right through to teenagers. The amazing new toddler area even features a Play Galleon boat as a central point.

Since early 2015, Buncombe Partnership for Children has been working with community volunteers to provide free play opportunities for children, families and communities. Our group, called Asheville Adventure Play, hosts Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds in Buncombe County. The excitement has spread to McDowell and Madison counties.

Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds are free, public celebrations of child-directed play, stocked with loose parts, such as cardboard boxes, fabric, tape, rope, buckets, sticks, wood, tarps, paint you name it!

These events are modeled from the post-WW2 United Kingdom classic adventure playground movement, which gently introduces themes of freedom and risk by welcoming people of all ages and abilities to unstructured play together. Asheville Adventure Play volunteers identify pop-up locations, promote the events through social media, and act as play workers to supervise the temporary playgrounds. We participate in about a dozen pop-ups each year at festivals, private businesses, farmer`s markets, summer camps, and public parks.

Children growing up today are spending much less time outdoors and in unstructured play, and the impact is worrying. Play helps children:

Plus, its fun! Unstructured free play outside brings a host of benefits to children.

Funding from the Active Play Alliance has allowed us to purchase an enclosed trailer for storage of transportation of the materials needed to host a pop-up adventure playground.

The Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment is a play experience unique to the Lower Mainland. It is the result of an extensive and highly successful community planning process, and reflects the agricultural traditions of the area and complements the City`s growing collection of innovative parks. The play environment represents a major departure from other contemporary playgrounds in that most of the features are custom designed and manufactured using British Columbia sourced Yellow Cedar and sustainable design practices, rather than conventional, ‘off the shelf’ metal and plastic products. Equally important the design of the Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment responds to concerns that have been raised among various professionals that children and adults are increasingly becoming disconnected from nature. In his book ‘Last Child in the Woods’ Richard Louv refers to this disconnection as “Nature-Deficit Disorder”. The City`s hope is that by constructing a dynamic play environment amongst trees and former farm fields, with a wide range of wildlife nearby, and adjacent to the Fraser River, one of the world`s great salmon producing rivers, we can help reconnect people with nature. And have fun in the process. The Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment is organised into two distinct zones: The ‘Paddock’ which was once home to horses and stables, now includes: tandem 35m long ziplines (8yrs +) 3m high ‘big’ swings (8yrs +) a ‘pivot’ swing (5yrs +) a twisting stainless steel hillside slide!(5yrs +) a rolling hill to hop, skip and bound down (2yrs +) and a meadow maze (2yrs +). The ‘Homestead’, the site of a former farm house, includes: A custom designed 10m tall ‘Tree House’ with four platforms, a central rope ladder, and a stainless steel spiral slide (8yrs +) The Log Jam: A climbable timber structure (5yrs +) An ‘aerial’ rope walkway (5yrs +) The ‘Spinnery’ (5yrs +) A farm inspired water

Our Adventure Play Area is open all year round offering children the opportunity to play, explore and have their own mini adventure.

With the Abbey Ruins mounted on top of a play hill with climbing nets, slides and tunnels the park offers play for all, including the grownups who want to play along with their little ones.

Changing facilities for both babies and adults situated in our Abbey Courtyard toilets, approx 260m from the play area.

Picnic benches/accessible picnic benches throughout play area.

Encourages individual and quiet play, imaginative and social play (woodlands - plants), physical play (sliding, swinging, climbing, rolling and spinning opportunities.)

Historically themed play area reflecting timelines from our most famous monarchs. (A ship themed climbing frame relating to pirates and seafaring under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and an oversized throne inspired by Edward VI.)

The adventure playground at Belton House is reopening as the National Trust`s pilot play area. To keep everyone safe and to play safely is will have restricted access, enhanced hygiene and safety measures in place.

Members of the Belton Team will be in the playground to help with orientation and to clean the play equipment throughout the day.

There will be a one-way system in place in the playground and on some play equipment.

Entry to the playground is via the wooden bridge, with the exit next to the pumphouse. Please use hand sanitiser before coming in, and often during your play time.

Muddy Hands Cafe remains closed. Please dont eat or drink anything in the playground - there is a government ban on food and drink in play areas.

Only you know the abilities and limitations of the children in your care so please keep a careful watch on them and make sure theyre also encouraged to play in the spaces provided so that everyone can enjoy the play experience.

The Mobile Adventure Playground program is CANCELLED to help limit the spread of COVID-19. However, we will be running the Community Nature Adventure Playground​ which is a smaller-scale program involving natural materials such as such as branches or tree cookies that offers lots of opportunities for free play and fun.​

Adventure playgrounds are unlike the traditional playgrounds commonly found in City parks. Traditional playgrounds are outdoor play areas usually equipped with standardized play equipment such as swings, slides, monkey bars and the like. They are typically placed in the centre of a large, defined, flat area filled with approved safety surfacing such as pea gravel or pour-in-place rubber. Most traditional playgrounds encourage active, structured play that exercises the body through physical activity.

Since opening our first centre in Milton Keynes, we have become known for our delicious food and varied menu. We love to provide a full experience to our customers, making it a day out where you can not only play but enjoy restaurant quality food. Our fully qualified chefs continually work hard to innovate and improve our food beverage options, and offer specials and even Sunday lunches every week! We cater for a wide range of dietary requirements, as well as Vegan and Halal, so come for play and stay for the food!

We offer adventure play

adventure play, adventure, play,

adventure play
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