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15. Play video games. Yes, Mario Kart can make your sex life better.

26. Dye each others hair and go for fun colors, or try a less dramatic dye job with a non-bleaching option.

42. Go to TJ Maxx together. The IRL equivalent of a Wikipedia spiral, in the best way.

What is it? A cathedral to culture, the VA is a world-class museum championing the very best of decorative art and design.

What is it?A good old-fashioned caff. Since 1900 this workerst miss:As strange as it might sound, yous a customer favourite.

What is it? be fooled by the fold-out tables this isnt miss: The market at its antiquey best. Sections of the market are open six days a week but forvintage treasures, brave the crowds and gobrowsing on a Saturday.

Why go?Its late owner, artist Chris Bracey, collected lights for nearly 40 years, as well as crafting and restoring them. Now on display at a salvage yard in Walthamstow, some are seedy having advertised the 1960s strip clubs and peep shows of Soho while others are heartwarmingly nostalgic.

Why go? Holy cow, the British-reared rump of beef is delicious, cooked to a rosy medium-rare first over charcoal, then in the oven. Itt miss:Your slot. Make sure you arrive well before 5pm to ensure you donre gone.

What is it?Londons because you can zip up 35 floors of the Walkie Talkie and be transported to a public garden with truly spectacular views. As well as all the lush greenery, yous skylinewith the Thames snakingby below. Entry is free yout miss:Unbe-leaf-able prices! The restaurants at Sky Garden have beenputting onhalf-price menus for a limited time since reopening.

Why go? Londonerst complain, especially considering that wes largest collection of roses in Regents Gardens are home to around 12,000, of more than 85 varieties, including the unique Royal Parks rose. The fragrance is fantastic throughout the year, but visit in early June to see the blooms at their best.

What is it? A tiny North African-inspired restaurant in Neals good. Not just good in our opinion, this atmospheric Covent Garden joint isone of thevery best eateries in London. Its menu gallivants down the eponymous North African Barbary Coast (running from Morocco to Libya, atlas fans), with all the smoky, meaty, gutsy fare that encompasses. Itt miss: Your chance to secure a sat. The restaurant has a walk-in policyalmost all of the time, but you can reserve seats online for up to four people at noon and 5pm.

What is it? Builtas the Millennium Dome to mark the year 2000, these days the O2 Arena is best known for being a major live music venue.

What is it? The UKs collection includes well over 150 million items, in most known languages around the world. It receives copies of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland. And its earliest dated printed book, the Diamond Sutra, and one of Leonardo da Vincifont-weight: 400;font-weight: 400;font-weight: 400;t msis: Original manuscripts handwritten by some of the worldIn My LifeShe Said She SaidStrawberry Fields Foreversm-mr-auto xs-flex xs-flex-wrap buttons xs-mt4xs-text-center xs-relative xs-mr3 xs-mt2 read_more_btn/london/attractions/british-library_self noopener

Why go? The rise in puzzle-oriented escape-game attractions around London has created a new kind of experience for mates who like something more challenging than a pub quiz, and we think this is the best of them: a lovingly recreated version of the TV show, complete with the glass dome and all the physical, mental and mystery challenges yous a proper giggle.

Why go?An ode to the English Riviera, the Swingers West End course includes a helter-skelter and big wheel, with beach huts and bandstands plus lush palms for a -meets-Torquay vibe. Think of your best childhood seaside holiday, then add booze. Lubrication is provided on-course in the form of cocktails delivered by roving caddies, and you can refuel between rounds with street food by Made of Dough, Patty Bun and Hackney Gelato. Striped blazers and straw boaters at the ready, old sport wet miss: The original Swingers site, 16,000 square feet of crazy golf in an office block next to the Gherkin.

What is it? A market in Bermondsey, only open at the weekend. Itre on your way home from a nightve been up since 5am with your three-year-old, seek out the embrace of Maltby Street. Nestledaround the atmospheric Victorian rail arches of the Ropewalk youve got a sweet tooth, Bad Browniere on a health kick, grab a green juice from the good folks at Bumpint miss: St John Bakery forits famous freshly made doughnuts oozing with jam, or go full Proust with just-baked madeleines.

Why go? Turning at astately 0.6 miles per hour, the London Eye is more like a graceful pirouette than a fast spin cycle, providing astounding views of the skyline and cityscape. Many of Londont miss:After-dark views. Book an evening spot to see the city sparklingat night. Even better, take a spin near Christmas for extra glitter.

What is it? A four-screen cinema with a varied programme of films and events as well as food and drink options, from weekend brunch to weekday tipples.

Your comprehensive guide to the biggest and best events and activities happening across Londonthis year.

In coming up with this list of the 100 best hotels in London, we considered design, location, service, amenities, architecture, and value for money,as well asless tangible elements like ambience, history and the character of the reception cat.

Do your best to avoid number two (while blindfolded!) and you might be number one. This family board game is a popular one, so grab it when you can.

But despite all the variety, this game is one of the most well?balanced games Ilisticle-slide listicle-slide-landscape listicle-slide-product390a06efe-0bbf-4ece-a724-aabc5d51b6c6listicle-slide-hedlisticle-slide-hed-textlisticle-slide-media-outerslide-media slide-media-freeform listicle-slide-media listicle-slide-media-productslide-media-inner slide-media-product aiming to have the highest value trees in rows and columns. Then, in Autumn, you still have yet to drop, and when and where the wind will blow next. This turns what might otherwise be a simple game into a clash of unadulterated gamesmanship. Yet, there is something peaceful about Bosk. Some ephemeral mix of the fall colors of the 3D cardboard trees, the whimsical conceit, and the inviting art of forest floor.

But undoubtedly the best addition in this expansion is the new vassal system, which turns the troops of unplayed houses into thralls under the holder of the Iron Throne. This has two benefits. Now you can play a fulsome game with less than a full table of friends (almost impossible before.) But even more importantly, losing players can now drop out when all hope is lost, without completely throwing the game. Given that the play time can reach well into 8 hours or more, this is a beautiful and rare mercy in the A Game of Thrones universe.

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