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Use your own recorder as a game controller and practice the songs from the book while playing an amazing game. Practicing has never been so much fun!

Acclaimed as one of the best adventure games of all time, The Last Express puts the player on board the Orient Express in July 1914, as the fabled luxury train departs Paris for Constantinople on the eve of World War I. Step into the shoes of Robert Cath, a fugitive American doctor with a mysterious past, as an urgent telegram from his best friend plunges him into a maelstrom of conspiracy, romance and murder.

First published in 1997 by Broderbund as a 3-CD set, the original game and DotEmu 2012 remastered version are now available for PC/Mac and mobile platforms.

In 1992, after the release of Prince of Persia, I moved to Paris intending to take a sabbatical from making video games. Ironically, it led me to my most ambitious game effort yet.

Published by Brøderbund in 1997 on three CD-ROM disks, The Last Express is an immersive adventure game that puts the player on board the Orient Express in July 1914, crossing Europe on the eve of World War I. It pushed the boundaries of interactive narrative in ways that no game has done before or since.

Making this game was a life-changing experience for me. It was my first time starting and running a company. In four years, Smoking Car Productions grew to 60 people; babies were born, friendships were forged.

Artistically and technically, it was an immensely ambitious undertaking, bordering on lunacy. We spent our last nickel on the game, and closed our doors shortly after it shipped; but it was an adventure I wouldn`t trade for anything.

Announcing a new way to play your favorite pro football board game: play a complete pro football game in less than 30 minutes, with SECOND SEASON Express! The realism, excitement and drama of the full-fledged SECOND SEASON board game, distilled into a half-hour card-and-dice experience!

In development since autumn of 2017, with many hours of play-testing, SECOND SEASON Express made its official debut at PLAAY-Dot-CON 2019. It was a big hit among convention-goers, and our SECOND SEASON Express Tournament featured nearly the full complement of 32 All-Time Franchise Great Teams. You can read about the tournament here-Kansas City defeated Green Bay 35-27 in our championship game! And now, the express version is ready to find its place on YOUR game table, offering sizable pro football fun in minimal game time.

How did we do it? Well, where the full SS game re-creates every play, SECOND SEASON Express presents a game of football in chunks of action, similar to our hockey and soccer games. The field is broken down into zones rather than specific yard lines. You choose a basic scheme for both the offense and defense, which represents a sequence of two to four downs. The offense chooses PASS/RUN, defense chooses from among the four base SS defenses, PASS-SAFE-RUN-BLITZ. Roll the dice, check the team cards, register the result. That`s it!

Itll experience the same highs and lows of real football, with games decided by players making big plays-or NOT making them!

The best part is, the express game uses the standard full-play SECOND SEASON team cards. If youve done with all of our YouTube games?-with some very exciting results!

While SECOND SEASON is based on SECOND SEASON, it is a complete game in and of itself. You DO need to have a working knowledge of the SS game enginethe game comes with a condensed rules set that essentially outlines the differences between the full-play and versions-but aside from that SECOND SEASON Express is a stand-alone game. If you already own the full-play game, you`ll understand the express version in a snap.

Help Sherlock find Moriarty`s accomplice! Each turn, observe the 6 suspects, and as alibis get placed down on the table, use your deductive skills to expose the culprit first and win the round! If none of the suspects are guilty, then Sherlock will finally catch his sworn enemy Moriarty. Sherlock Express is a fast game of deduction where everyone is a suspect… until proven innocent!

The Christmas Express Game is a great game for the holidays and anytime during the year! Be the first to make it to the North Pole! But be careful! There are hazards and other players looking to delay your progress! Classic card based movement system and lots of player interaction makes this a great game for any day, not just the holidays.

The Christmas Express Game is a great game for the holidays and anytime during the year! Be the first to make it to the North Pole! But be careful! There are hazards and other players looking to delay your progress! Classic card based movement system and lots of player interaction makes this a great game for any day, not just the holidays.

Ire going to build a multiplayer card game using Phaser 3, Express, and Socket.IO.

Note: we`ll be using assets and colors from my tabletop card game, Entromancy: Hacker Battles.  If you prefer, you can use your own images (or even Phaser rectangles) and colors, and you can access the entire project code on GitHub.

Our simple card game will feature a Phaser client that will handle most of the game logic and doing things like dealing cards, providing drag-and-drop functionality, and so on.

Our goal for this project is to create a basic framework for a multiplayer card game that you can build upon and adjust to suit your own game`s logic.

Our Phaser template utilizes Webpack to spin up a local server that in turn serves up a simple game app in our browser.  Neat!

Let`s open our project in your favorite code editor and make some changes to fit our card game.  Delete everything in /client/src/assets and replace them with the card images from GitHub.

All were creating multiple game worlds, building things like instruction screens, or generally trying to keep things tidy.

preload() is used to...well...preload any assets that we`ll be using for our game.

create() is run when the game starts up, and where we`ll be establishing much of our user interface and game logic.

update() is called once per frame, and we won`t be making use of it in our tutorial (but it may be useful in your own game depending on its requirements).

NICE.  We can drag those cards around the screen, but it might be nice to limit where they can be dropped to support our game logic.

Phaser has built-in dropzones that allow us to dictate where game objects can be dropped, and well use later.

YAY.  Let`s start adding logic to our server.js file that will serve the needs of our card game.  Replace the existing code with the following:

We need to reconfigure our dealCards() logic to support the multiplayer aspect of our game, given that we want the client to deal us a certain set of cards that may be different from our opponents cards on our screen, and vice versa.

We still need to figure out how to render our dropped cards in our opponent`s client, and vice-versa.  We can do all of that in our game scene!  Update the code block that begins with with one line at the end:

When a card is dropped in our client, the socket will emit an event called , passing the details of the game object and the client`s isPlayerA boolean (which could be true or false, depending on whether the client was the first to connect to the server).

Recall that, in our server code, Socket.IO simply receives the event and emits the same event back up to all of the clients, passing the same information about the game object and isPlayerA from the client that initiated the event.

The ensuing code stores the - basically, the image - of the game object that it receives from the server into a variable called . It destroys one of the opponent card backs that are rendered at the top of the screen, and increments the data value in the dropzone so that we can keep placing cards from left to right.  

The code then generates a new card in the dropzone that uses the sprite variable to create the same card that was dropped in the other client (if you had data attached to that game object, you could use a similar approach to attach it here as well).

That`s it!  You should now have a functional template for your multiplayer card game, which you can use to add your own cards, art, and game logic.

If you enjoyed this article, please consider checking out my games and books, subscribing to my YouTube channel, or joining the Entromancy Discord.

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express game, express, game,

express game
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