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Behind each door hides an animal. Which animal is eating some cheese? Which animal is eating some fish? This little wooden game will enable your child to... Read more

Behind each door hides an animal. Which animal is eating some cheese? Which animal is eating some fish? This little wooden game will enable your child to discover five animals and their favourite meal. Opening the doors helps develop dexterity, as well as memory.

This invention relates to group party games, specifically to a hide and go seek type game that is normally played with three to twenty five participants.

After an in depth search of existing games, I can find no prior art directly germane to this invention.

This group game provides families and friends with hours of fun.

(a) To provide a game where a special invitation is included with each game which can then be duplicated and used to invite potential participants.

(b) To provide a game for any size group, even though normally played with three to twenty five people, the game can accommodate any number of desired participants.

(c) To provide a game where participants can play together and be any combination of ages and enjoy each others participation.

(d) To provide a game where game rules and regulations provide a hilarious method of play.

(e) To provide a game where the complete rules and style of play have been recorded on an audio cassette tape and recommends that all participants learn how to play the game by listening to the tape.

(f) To provide a game where original special effect music, recorded on audio cassette tape, is heard in the background, both during the explanation of the rules and while playing the game.

(g) To provide a game for participants, who at some time in their lives played a game of hide and go seek and loved the feelings they had while successfully hiding from someone searching for them, and would like to relive those feelings.

(h) To provide a game where as participants play this game their mind conjures up panicky, apprehensive feelings.

(i) To provide a game where an additional dimension is added by playing the game in total darkness and causes nervous tension to increase.

(j) To provide a game where participants while hiding in the dark, waiting to be found, can hear the blood curdling screams of other victims that have been located causing their apprehension and anxiety to mount.

(k) To provide a game where a single pretend vampire starts searching for victims, is successful, therefore creating a second vampire, now there are two, then three, then four, then more, all searching for those still hiding, resulting in a major adrenaline rush for those not yet located.

Further objects and advantages of my invention will become apparent from A consideration of the drawings and ensuing description of how to play the game.

FIG. 1. Shows the back side artwork of all twenty five game playing cards.

This game incorporates a combination of rules that are unique to this specialized game. These rules prescribe the exact method of play to achieve an exact outcome. The game contains 25 playing cards with original art work. Included with this game is an audio cassette tape of specialized recorded rules and original music. A master copy of an invitation is included for inviting prospective participants.

This game is one of the zaniest games ever played. Participants will experience laughter, anxiety, calmness, panic, relief, fright, apprehension, anticipation, trepidation, and amusement. They will scream, remain quiet, feel safe, be insecure, hold their breath, and feel nervous shivers. They will be entertained and have an unbelievably fantastic time with their friends. They will talk about playing this game forever.

This game is a perfect party game for any size group and is normally played with three to twenty five people. More participants can play in the same game by adding additional victim cards from other sets of game cards. It is a game that allows individuals to intermingle and get acquainted. The game is suitable for individuals ages five to ninety years old. Children even younger, playing with their parents or older brothers and sisters have a great time playing.

The rules are presented on cassette tape. The recording artist speaks with a transylvania type accent, the accent commonly used in most older vampire movies. As the rules are being read, dramatic organ music, commonly associated with vampires, permeates the air. The sounds of heavy rain, mixed with explosive thunder and crashing cymbals add an additional aura of uncertainty for the newly invited guest players. The music continues to play while the actual game is played. (FIG. 27)

There are twenty five individual playing cards each with a common backside (FIG. 1). Only one card is designated as the vampire card (FIG. 2). The game has twenty four victim cards each with different names and various causes of death associated with vampires (FIGS. 3 through 26). Some participants who have come to play the game were invited by receiving a special invitation that was duplicated from the master copy of the invitation provided with the game. (FIG. 28)

Full instructions on how to play the game named Vampire Count are included with each game. The following is the exact dialog of rules and regulations as presented on the audio cassette and in the written rules.

Welcome to Vampire Count, a party game family and friends can really sink their teeth into! It is mandatory that all players give ear and pay close attention to the cassette tape of the Vampire Count rules. Should you choose to ignore this advice and simply read aloud the complete Vampire Count rules, there will be no guarantee of individual player survival.

To start the game flowing, this is the vein we want to go down. All activities will be directed by the host. After the sun sets, gather together as many victims as you can round up. Three to twenty five victims, ages five to ninety five, will provide sufficient nourishment.

Congregate all players together in a common area. Certify that the area is cleared of all garlic, silver bullets and wooden stakes. The host takes the group on a tour of the entire area or dwelling where the game is to be played. For personal safety all participants must stay close together. The host explains the exact boundaries. These boundaries outline a relatively safe haven for players to conceal themselves.

The game is over and must be started again if anyone turns on a light or uses a lantern or flashlight.

When no new victims are being found, the head or initial vampire requests a Vampire Count. All vampires return to the common area with the lights still off. The head vampire shouts 1. His converts, each in turn, continue the count 2,3,4,5,6,7 etc. If you started the game with 10 players and you only have 7 vampires you would know that you had 3 more warm bodies to find and would start searching again more carefully. As more victims are found, have additional vampire counts.

The player who drew the vampire card and became the head vampire in the previous game, is the host for the next game.

As you start the next game, do not pass out cards to those who have had nervous breakdowns or have died of fright! Discontinue all Vampire Count activities before sunrise!

Accordingly, the reader can see that after hearing or reading the rules newly invited guests understand how the game is played. Interviews with those who have played the game have been extremely positive, for example:

I love and hate this game. It scares the daylights out of me! Ive never held my breath for so long. The vampire came near my hiding place without finding me. Maura June age 16

As a grandmother I like playing the game with my grandchildren. They love to hear me scream. Its great fun when the whole family gets together. Elaine R. age (old enough)

I think the cassette tape that explains how to play the game is hilarious. The vampire music is totally awesome. Jamie Lynn age 13

Its so easy to have a Vampire Count party. I handed out the invitations that came with the game and told everyone to bring dates. They all came. By the time the night was over everyone wanted to plan another party. Jon age 17

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ALL IS FAIR IN HYDE SEEK. BETRAY, OUTWIT, AND DEVOUR YOUR FELLOW GUESTS TO SECURE YOUR FREEDOM! Hyde Seek is a 4-player party game that pits the you and your fellow against each other in a deranged Victorian survival game. You have one goal: collect gems from around the manor. But be careful - rumor has it that when night falls, the manor`s guests will turn into monsters! Be the first to collect ten gems and escape the manor!

Hide and Seek is favorite game in our house. This game can really tire a dog out, and its perfect for yucky weather! (You can play outside, too.) There are many variations. In our house, we most often hide toilet paper tubes with treats inside, as in the video shown here. We also hide ourselves, while the dogs are waiting in another room. We give the cue Come find me! and they come bounding in to locate us.

Give your dog the treat-stuffed tubes, paper or cloths a few times without hiding them, so they learn this part of the game first. Do not use cardboard, toilet paper tubes, cloth or paper if your dog ingests these items.

Repeat each step or level of difficulty at least 5 times. Resist the urge to help your dog. If your dog gives up and stops searching, the game is too hard. Reset and move the items so theyre easier for your dog to find the next time. Build up the difficulty level more gradually. The goal is to get your dog searching and sniffing until theyve found all the hidden items and youve given them the all done cue.

I hope you and your dog enjoy this game as much as we do!

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