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hidden figures games

hidden figures games

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Click through below to find out what are, in our opinion, the 15 best adventure games on Android.

Krystopia: Nova`s Journey is a beautiful puzzle adventure game where you must explore a planet called Krystopia as a character called Nova Dune. She is looking to find the mysterious within this lost planet, through puzzles and discovery in a point and click fashion - but adapted to mobile. There are lots of different puzzles, but of story, and things to discover.

Sky takes you into a dream-like world, where you must bring the stars back to the sky, restoring the world to its proper state. This is a multiplayer game, where you can see other player`s ghost-like figures, interesting with the world while you move around it yourself. You can learn the gestures of others to play with them and guide them - it`s a game that you can easily get sucked into.

Maybe, you don’t want to play a human and instead want to be a doggo. Why not. Dungeon Dogs is an adorable RPG that lets you battle against enemies, build up villages, collect various items and more. You get to play as a team of puppies who want to destroy the evil cat king, who has been treating dogs as if they are lesser animals. It`s a cute game that is very fun.

A slightly more creepy adventure game, Samsara Room has you trapped in a room with various normal looking objects dotted around. You will need to figure out how to escape, through solving puzzles that have not made themselves apparent yet. The game does have a storyline throughout it as well as a number of really challenging puzzles for you to solve.

Don’t Starve has some dark graphics, providing an adventure game that challenges you to survive and explore a world full of all sorts of madness. As the night takes over, you can go mad yourself, if you don’t have a light to keep you alive. There is a narrator-esque character who has banished you to this world, and if you are strong enough, you might be able to defeat them - or just find a way to survive forever.

Samorost 3 is an adorable exploration game with puzzle aspects, where you play as a space gnome who is able to travel across the galaxy due to their magical flute. Each of the worlds that you visit have their own aliens to interact with, puzzles to solve, and a new world that`s brought to life through the amazing graphics and wonderful music that`s present.

When the caretaker of your city gets kidnapped, you’ll need to go on an adventure to find and save him! Especially if he is also your grandfather. Playing as Lumi in Lumino City, a beautiful, handcrafted game that you should really see the making of, you will need to explore the city and solve puzzles to try and bring back your grandfather.

Help villagers and have a wonderful, adventure filled life in Seabeard, a game where you have islands to explore, on the open sea. You can create a crew to help you on your adventure, adding in characters who are better at fishing, combat, sailing and cooking to help you on your quest while you help out characters, trade, and explore the world.

Look, I am a sucker for hidden object games and play far to many of them, so there was no way one wasn’t making the top ten. In Hidden City, you play as a detective that is trying to figure out if an unknown city, now rumored to be appearing for some, is real or not. One of your friends seems to be lost or kidnapped in this city, so you’ll need to save them. Hidden City, like all of these hidden object games, has a cheesy predictable story, lots of puzzles and many items - it`s very good.

If you’ve not heard of Life is Strange, it`s time to just download it. This is an episodic, story-based game where you will be making choices that affect Max, a photography student who can rewind time and is trying to save her friend Chloe. You’ll need to investigate the disappearance of other students and figure out what darkness are going on in your town.

Hello Neighbor is a creepy adventure game where you need to break into your neighbor`s house to discover what dark secrets they have hidden within their normal-looking four walls. Your neighbor will continue to learn how you break in, setting traps and attempting to keep their secrets under wraps.

Very Little Nightmares is a puzzle-filled adventure game where you play as a small character with a yellow hood, trying to get out of a very dangerous house that she`s ended up in. She needs your help to guide her through each of the different rooms in this house, in hopes that she will not end up dying here, alone. It`s a well made, slightly creepy game worth checking out.

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hidden figures games, hidden, figures, games,

hidden figures games
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