hidden object games free downloads full version unlimited

hidden object games free downloads full version unlimitedHunt for hidden objects, crack mysteries, and solve puzzles as you play free Hidden Object Games.Play hidden object games

hidden object games free downloads full version unlimited

hidden object games free downloads full version unlimited

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hidden object games free downloads full version unlimited, Hidden Object

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If you are searching for an activity to pass the time that does not require you to leave the comfort of your own home, then playing games is something that you should look into. In case you still think that playing games is strictly for kids, and one that adults or young adults should not be doing, know that the gaming industry has surpassed the movie industry, in terms of the money they are making annually. In this time and age, gone are the days when you have to go and drive to the nearest arcade in town, to play games or bustling through traffic just to get the latest computer games. Modern technology has enabled you get the latest pc games right into your PC without moving your car an inch, because downloading games has never been easier.

One gaming trend that has been gaining popularity due to its addictive nature is the hidden object games (HOGs.

The premises for HOG`s are as basic as it sounds. You, being the player, will look for hidden pictures or objects. You will need to look for these hidden pictures and objects in order for you to move on to the next stage or level. Sometimes it can be as straightforward as spotting the difference between two extremely similar pictures, but some hidden object downloads will have you looking for tiny clues that can lead you to solve some terrific mysteries. If you have a lively imagination, while playing the game, you can easily picture yourself as many terrific detective characters like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot or Nancy Drew.

HOG`s can usually be broken down into three categories, there are some that break this mould or that combine sections of the three, but these are the main genres within hidden object downloads: hidden picture games, hidden clue games and hide and seek games.

Hidden picture games can be similar to what you usually find in magazines. If back in the day you would be using your pen to highlight the difference or spot the object, now you are using your mouse instead. That is just one of the wonders of technology. This game might seem straightforward and not that appealing at first glance, but be prepared to spend hours of your time playing these games, as they can get addictive.

Hidden clue games, as the name suggests, are similar to board games like Cluedo or the television series CSI (crime scene investigation). You are looking for hidden clues to solve a mystery. If you enjoy a mystery and a hint of who-done-it in your games, then hidden clue games will be right up your alley. Not only will these games have you looking for hidden clues, they will require you to dock your thinking cap as well. So if it is trying to solve murders, searching lost countries or investigating a number of crimes, you will spend hours figuring whats who.

Find and seek games, though they might sound similar in name to the hidden clue games, they are not that alike in nature. In hide and seek games, you will search places for objects, and pictures that can lead you to a place of destination or to reveal a secret. You may be on a worldwide hunt to look for hidden treasures.

These three categories by no means fully describe or define the genre. Hidden object game downloads are ever evolving, although the basic core remains the same. Recent hidden games feature the same game play, but differ in concepts and themes. For example, you may have to solve a big mystery in a large manor.

Some games will also put your characters in the dark ages, or in present times – where you must sail into the seven seas or fly across continents. In some games you will be a pirate trying to conquer a ship, or an 18th century detective trying to solve a murder case, the scenarios are literally endless, and this is what makes each game fun, the element of surprise. At times, you will be accompanied by irregular and amusing characters in your journey. The variety of the hidden object games is endless, but mostly you will be tested on your detective talents and the ability to focus on the smaller details – should you wish to succeed in completing the games.

Some full hidden object games also have a time element, where you will be racing against the clock to complete the objective. Therefore, you need to think on your feet and react correctly to certain events in a swift manner. Some games have an unusual twist, where you will be asked to find whatever objects are hidden in a set of order, if you want to succeed to move on to the next level. To illustrate, to unlock a box, you will have to hunt for the key. Along the way, there will be mini games that you have to play within the game itself. If you are not a fan of the genre yet, rest assured that the mystery and puzzles elements of each game will be more than enough to keep you hooked to the extreme end, and this is exactly what makes each time management game extremely popular amongst casual gamers.

Over the years, hidden object game downloads have continually done well in the charts. Since the first hidden object game was released in 2005, they have gone from strength to strength and the genre has been gaining momentum ever since. One of the reasons could be because hidden object games cater to an audience.

Objecting hiding games are often dubbed as micro games, even in their full unlimited versions, as they are not seen as in the same caliber as console games, and do not have the same attraction that the big guns have. But as more new games are churned out, the quality of the game play and artwork keeps improving. These micro games can give commercial games a run for their money, and this is why you will find some of the games have been released in disc form. If you thought that these games will simply have you wandering from one level to the next as you look for items to complete the level, then you are in for a surprise. Many game developers have started producing games with a better story line, and games that have phenomenal graphics. The difficulty level of the puzzles in some of these games is also getting more challenging, which is stopping the experienced gamer from completing the game inside a couple of hours.

If you cannot fathom the fact that hidden object games are so popular, then it might be interesting to know exactly what makes these games popular amongst casual gamers. For those who have not tried to play the games, they should not dub hidden object games boring without giving them a shot, because on the outside they can look extremely simplistic and dull. However, this could not be further from the truth.

As with many other casual game genres, hidden object downloads are available for the PC on Windows XP and Vista and also on the Apple Mac making them not only enjoyable full version games but versatile in their playability! For all the games available on our site, you download demo copies to play for an hour or order the full unlimited version format straight away.

You will also be surprised to know that many of the loyal followers are functioning adults. Regular people that enjoy winding down by playing some games after spending hours at their job. Make no mistake, these hidden object games can be quite addictive and can make some people get obsessed easily. Once you start playing and are unable to solve one puzzle, you will be up all night trying to make it through to that one level. This just shows that there is a rush of adrenaline that you get from solving the puzzle. The reason why these games maybe so popular are due to how you feel after completion of a particularly hard level.

To conclude, hidden object downloads are not just straightforward games designed for kids. The authentic ones have complex story lines and are filled with many challenging scenarios. The exploration part of the game will have you searching for rare items in places you may not even know existed. You will get the utmost satisfaction and enjoyment upon uncovering some hidden objects. In a race against the clock setting, your heart will beat fast and your mind will go to panic mode – this is the adrenaline rush that this genre offers.

Now that you know more about this type of game, you might want to start out and play some for yourself. Below you will find a list of some of the games, along with a brief description, that have consistently stayed in the chart as the top-selling games in this genre. They are:

A wildly popular game that will see you, as the player, try to help Stan Riddle, the main character, to escape the Haunted Manor. In this game, you will need to use Hidden Object skills to look for valuable items and you have to piece together confusing puzzles. Upon playing this game, you will discover why the beautiful mansion was abandoned and what caused the owner to disappear.

The Hanted Manor: Lord of Mirrors game is available for download on Windows XP and Vista in either demo or full version format and a walkthrough for the game can be found here.

In this game, you will join Nicole – accompanied by her sidekick Igor, as they travel across the continent to look for her missing father. Along the journey, you will unravel mysteries that can shake the existence of human history. You will solve some puzzles, starting from her house in the Big Apple all the way to places on the other side of the world, to rescue her father.

You can try The Mystery of the Crystal Portal: Beyond the Horizon for free by downloading our demo version where you can play the full hidden object game for an hour before you decide whether to obtain the unlimited version.

Tapping into the vampire niche nicely, this hidden object adventure game will have you play as Victoria by day and Damon by night. Victoria is a young woman who is determined to save her village, while Damon is a handsome vampire who was cursed by the evil vampire queen. Not only will you have to solve unique puzzles in this game, but you will also have to collect and combine many hidden items to unlock secret tunnels. You will decide if Damon and Victoria can unite either in love or death. You can find a Love and Death Bitten review here.

We offer hidden object games free downloads full version unlimited

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hidden object games free downloads full version unlimited
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