mystery manor game

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mystery manor game

mystery manor game

mystery manor game, mystery, manor, game,

mystery manor game, Hidden Object

Mystery Manor is a hidden object game created by Game Insight for Android and iOS devices. The game puts you in the shoes of a young detective who is invited to the manor by a cat named Joshua. Somehow, you accept the talking cat without much fuss and you follow him into the seemingly haunted house where you are tasked to solve the mystery behind the owner`s disappearance. You meet several other employees of the manor along the way, and they all tell you that their master disappeared after the Event.

Unfortunately, all their memories are hazy, and you will need to solve hidden object puzzles in order to help them remember. As you progress through the stages, you unravel the mysteries throughout the manor, but each answer comes with even more questions. You will need all the help you can get if you want to find out what really happened in that manor. Check out our Mystery Manor guide below for tips, cheats and tricks to solve all mysteries in the game!

Unlike most hidden object games, Mystery Manor gives you ample opportunity to improve your ability to find things over time in a manner not unlike that of an RPG. As you play the game, you will acquire experience and money, both of which can be used to unlock new skills and features.

Mystery Manor is the game HOG players have been waiting for. It delivers the full experience to mobile devices everywhere, provides an astonishing number of things to find and ways to find them, and even adds a social element as well. Most of all, it never ceases to deliver challenges to overcome, making it the last game yous more than worth your consideration. Thatt mysterious about it!

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Designed for 11 years of age and up, this game uses a style that enables the groups to have fun without losing track of the action in the game. They must make correct decisions as they go through the manor, or disaster may befall the entire group. Story Summary

Mystery Manor is the social game in the genre of . In a mystic manor, where something inexplicable happens. You are trying to escape this manor where you have no idea how you dropped by. To be successful, you will have to complete quests, deal with evil monsters and gather rare collections with your friends!

Uncover the mystery behind an artist`s deadly talent.

Games for the independent game development team developed a thriller theme puzzle adventure game!

The Artist is a first person puzzle adventure inspired by other mysterious puzzle games like Myst, The Witness, and Firewatch. Sucked into The Artist`s canvas world, you must solve the strange puzzles scattered across his island to find a way back home. If you fail, you will be trapped in the canvas forever.

Delve into a wonderful fantasy adventure game inspired by the classic Grimm`s Fairy Tales! After a fierce battle the giants were vanquished, except for one, whom the guardians overpowered with powerful magic and banished to a mysterious land above the clouds. All thanks to a boy who got hold of some magic beans powerful enough to open a path to the cloud world and put humankind in grave danger.

Enjoy the thrill of visiting a place overrun with supernatural powers. With the help of a crystal which allows her to see things hidden from the eyes of mortals, our heroine soon learns that the victim had been kidnapped by a supernatural being. Plagued by nightmares, she has to uncover the truth, face the spectre that hunts her, solve the mystery of the Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus and find the kidnapped girl.

Unknown forces have scattered the Robot crew of the Starship Redirection across a perilous asteroid belt! In this 3D puzzle game, play as the ship`s computer and solve challenging puzzles to rescue your Robotic colleagues.

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mystery manor game, mystery, manor, game,

mystery manor game
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