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mystery manor hidden objects

mystery manor hidden objects

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Mystery Manor is a hidden object game created by Game Insight for Android and iOS devices. The game puts you in the shoes of a young detective who is invited to the manor by a cat named Joshua. Somehow, you accept the talking cat without much fuss and you follow him into the seemingly haunted house where you are tasked to solve the mystery behind the owner`s disappearance. You meet several other employees of the manor along the way, and they all tell you that their master disappeared after the Event.

Unfortunately, all their memories are hazy, and you will need to solve hidden object puzzles in order to help them remember. As you progress through the stages, you unravel the mysteries throughout the manor, but each answer comes with even more questions. You will need all the help you can get if you want to find out what really happened in that manor. Check out our Mystery Manor guide below for tips, cheats and tricks to solve all mysteries in the game!

Detectives, meet the update! FURNITURE - NEW FEATURES: - Every piece of furniture has useful effects! It`s now even more pleasant to explore the rooms. - Change the furniture effects and choose the best one. - Furniture from the Astral Detective: decorate your kitchen in a mystic style! SEASON 5: - The town of Nordferas hides a dark secret. Find out what it is! - Who is killing the elites of Nordferas, and why? Stop the murderer! - Decipher Mr. X`s notes and find the culprit!

Yay! Another update! SEASON 5: - The town of Nordferas hides a dark secret. Find out what it is! - Who is killing the elites of Nordferas, and why? Stop the murderer! - Decipher Mr. X`s notes and find the culprit! THERE`s MORE: - UI improvements: the room exit window is now more convenient! - Hoarfrost Phenomenon works better.

Hot Update! THE SECRET OF THE ISLAND: - What mystery does an island on thew map hide? Find it out! SEASON 4 - COMING SOON: - Brilliant scientists go mad one by one. What`s causing it? FIREWORK PARADE: - Take part in the competition and win prizes! - Complete a new collection. IMPORTANT CHANGES: - The Hoarfrost phenomenon: Less fuss! Now hoarfrost just covers the room completely from time to time. - Optimization: On some devices, the HD graphics does not switch on forcibly.

Juicy Update! OCEANIC ROOM: - Join efforts with Magda and remove dark charms from the Mermaid. - Reveal the mystery of the fall of Atlantis! NEW IN MATCH 3: - 45 new levels. Complete them all! ST. PATRICK`s DAY: - Join the fun! Competitions, a new collection and holiday investigation are waiting for you. MIRACLES OF DISGUISE: - Put the fragments together to get avatars of the inhabitants of Mystery Manor and assume any appearance you want! Complete artifact collections to get fragments.

Amazing update! LUNAR NEW YEAR - SOON: Launch fireworks and lanterns! The legendary dragon is almost here. NEW FEATURE - STORM SEASON: A huge storm is coming, and the subjects of the Sea King are in danger. Help them! FULL MOON - CHAPTER 8: The Dark Powers are preparing an attack. Challenge them and unveil the mysteries of the Full Moon! AND THERE`s MORE: Improved interface, sound and graphics. Enjoy the game!

Hooray, hot update! NEW THINGS IN THE ROOMS: New Counterparts mode: test your observation skills New look to the Hall and Living Room: it`s more fun to look for hidden objects Three new furniture sets for the Bedroom: decorate the room as you like HALLOWEEN IS NEAR: Be ready for horrible fun! Fascinating quests and great prizes are waiting for you AND THAT`s NOT ALL: Prices are reduced in Match 3! Play with pleasure YOU NOTICED - WE IMPROVED: Competition scoring fixed

Unlike most hidden object games, Mystery Manor gives you ample opportunity to improve your ability to find things over time in a manner not unlike that of an RPG. As you play the game, you will acquire experience and money, both of which can be used to unlock new skills and features.

Amongst the clutter that lines the mansion up and down are a variety of objects that have more useful functions. There are way too many to list, but each one will make your investigation that much more enjoyable to carry out.

Mind Fitness: Your daily mind flex with the best puzzle games! Joshua the cat challenges you to solve mysteries in his game full of adventures!

Meow there! I’m in charge in the manor while my master is away! The name`s Joshua, nice to meowt you! My master left a message for a certain , is that you? Come on, open the envelope and start your adventure in the manor. I bet there are more mysteries here than you expected. Follow me! Let`s play the most mysterious hidden objects game ever. I’ll guide you through the secrets of Mystery Manor, and we’ll meet all sorts of fantastic beasts, from fierce monsters to spooky ghosts. We`ll solve challenging puzzles, find hidden artifacts, uncover secret rooms, and complete exciting quests. It will be a neverending journey! My master keeps an eye on the mansion from afar and won’t ever let us get bored. There are always new quests, rooms, and characters that appear in the manor every once in a while! Oh, and just in case — never ever touch my bowl in the kitchen!

Some great features highlights: Explore an atmosphere of mystery. A captivating detective storyline. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics. A wide variety of objects to search and puzzles to solve. Search for objects in different modes: words, silhouettes, phenomena, and Zodiac modes.
 Regular free updates full of new characters, rooms, and quests. Breathtaking mini-games and a Match-3 adventure. This game works offline without an Internet connection, so you can play it on the plane, on the subway, or on the road. Enjoy!

Is Mystery Manor: hidden objects growing faster than Junes Journey - Hidden Objects?. See android market data for Mystery Manor: hidden objects and Junes Journey - Hidden Objects, compare our statistics from Google Play. See android market current data and history. Compare popularity, performance, average rating, downloads and market lead percentage on the market. Last update on .

Android application Mystery Manor: hidden objects developed by Game Insight is listed under category Game Adventure. According to Google Play Mystery Manor: hidden objects achieved more than 5,000,000 installs. Mystery Manor: hidden objects currently has 399,602 ratings with average rating value of 4.58 . The current percentage of ratings achieved in last 30 days is 4.23%, percentage of ratings achieved in last 60 days is 8.83%. Mystery Manor: hidden objects has the current market position 1957 by number of ratings. A sample of the market history data for Mystery Manor: hidden objects can be found below.

Hello everyone! Does anyone enjoy hidden object games? If so, read on for the review of the game, Mystery Manor, by the game company Game Insight! If you enjoy the infamous book series and TV show by BBC, Sherlock Holmes, then you will be happy that there is a game that will satisfy your detective soul! Mystery Manor is developed by Game Insight; it is an adventure game where you have to figure out all the hidden items in order to move onto the next level. The games objectives and goals are fairly simple, and they also provide several hints or clues for you when you get stuck. Mystery Manor currently has a 4.4 star rating out of 5 on the Google Play and Apple iTunes store, where over 250 thousand people have rated it. Out of the 250 thousand people, 155 thousand has given Mystery Manor a full score, of 5 star rating. It currently has between 1 million to 5 million installs, and it requires Android version 2.3 and up to run. Mystery Manor is suitable for all ages and it offers in app products that costs as low as $0.99 and as high as $99.99.

Mystery Manor is a hidden adventure game, where it takes place in a Manor. One day, the main host and master, Mister X, disappeared and only left behind a note that said “Only you can break the secret of the Mystery Manor”. You will dive into an exciting mysterious adventure and challenge yourself with finding the hidden objects throughout this game. In this mystical mansion, you are residents along with lovely people, spooky monsters, and scary ghosts. You will have to solve logic puzzles and find all the hidden objects in order to unlock the new rooms and complete the quests. Game Insight offers a high quality game, free of charge, for people who loves mystery solving and puzzle games. Mystery Manor is a game where it never ends, essentially because the game developers always updates the game with new quests, rooms, and characters. You will never feel bored by playing this game. It also features a captivating detective story line, amazingly drawn graphics (it`s hand-drawn!), and the spooky music!

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mystery manor hidden objects, mystery, manor, hidden, objects,

mystery manor hidden objects
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