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Download 3D models, BIM objects, 3D libraries of surfaces, catalogues, and specifications; ask for samples of everything you need for your architecture and interior design project. Syncronia offers you the free download of the Revit, 3DS Max, and AutoCAD families as well as the BIM (IFC) and CAD interchange created in collaboration with Autodesk for the best manufacturers of Architecture materials and Furnishing products. 

Download 3D CAD models, BIM objects, 3D textures, catalogs, specifications, sampling requests, and everything you need for your architectural and decorative projects.

We provide CAD blocks, 3D models, BIM objects, and material libraries and textures you need for rendering and design, as well as everything you need to prescribe and present your products: catalogues, technical data sheets, many free samples of materials, and direct contact with the technical offices of the Companies. All files and information are continuously updated.

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To download an object, from a Polar Cloud object detail screen such as shown in Figure 5.4 , you may click the DOWNLOAD button to save the object ( .stl file (s) and/or OBJ file (s), as well as subsidiary descriptive files) to your device. (Note that you may download to your device any type of object in the Polar Cloud: private object, shared object, or public object.)

Figure5.38: Polar Cloud object DOWNLOAD FILES pop-up screen

If an object consists of only a single .stl file or OBJ file , clicking the DOWNLOAD button on the object detail screen will download the object. But if an object comprises multiple .stl or OBJ files, or has subsidiary descriptive files, then clicking the DOWNLOAD button on the object detail screen will bring up a DOWNLOAD FILES screen at which you have the opportunity to specify exactly which of the .stl file(s), OBJ file(s), or subsidiary files to download; see Figure 5.38 . For such multiple .stl or OBJ file objects, you will have the option of clicking the DOWNLOAD ALL button to select all the .stl and OBJ files in the object, or of clicking the checkboxes for only those particular .stl or OBJ files you wish, and then clicking the DOWNLOAD button (lower right of the DOWNLOAD FILES screen).

In addition to whichever .stl files , OBJ files , and subsidiary files you have selected, the object download will also include a text file describing the object license, license.txt . However, photos or other images of the object (see the PHOTOS pane of the object manage screen ) will not be included in the download. The set of files will be downloaded as a ZIP archive file, download.zip .

In versions of the Polar Cloud prior to late Fall 2017, browser pop-up blocking could interfere with object DOWNLOAD . Object DOWNLOAD now operates by opening a separate browser tab for the download (which avoids browser pop-up blocking interference).

Downloading can also be performed on objects accessible to you from within a print queue using the print queue job modification menu , or from printer history , or from your account history , though the effect is different than saving an object from the object detail screen. When downloading from a print job, you are downloading your particular instantiation of the object: any modifications you made at the build plate screen (moving, re-sizing, or rotating) are incorporated, all .stl files and OBJ files comprising the print job are combined into one download .stl file (instead of remaining distinct, as in download from the object detail screen), and no subsidiary files (no text files, PDF files, etc .) are downloaded in particular, no license description is included (since any modifications for your print job may have licensing implications). Figure 5.39 shows an example of selecting Download STL File from the printer dashboards job modification menu.

Because submitting a print job from the build plate creates a single .stl file, regardless of whether the original object files included in the print job were .stl files or OBJ files, submitting a print job and then using the print job Download STL File option provides a way to convert an OBJ file into an STL file. (A number of CAD packages and online tools can also perform such conversion but this happens to be a way to perform OBJ to .stl format conversion via the Polar Cloud.) Such format conversion can be useful when you want to use the object with something that supports .stl files but not OBJ files: e.g. , direct printing (not through the Polar Cloud) on a Polar3D printer via the printer local web interface screen (see Section 3.1.1 : The Print File tab and the Project Details screen of the Polar3D Printer Guide ), or importing an object into BlocksCAD or Makers Empire .

In addition to downloading an object itself, via the print job menu it is also possible to download the print jobs particular slicing configuration by clicking the Download Config File tab. See the discussion of slicing profiles and PRINT SETTINGS in Section 10.2.2 .

Print jobs created by uploading G-code , or print jobs where the object was sliced in the Polar Cloud, also permit downloading the G-code from the print job menu via the Download G-Code File option. [ next ] [ prev ] [ prev-tail ] [ front ] [ up ]

The absolute URL that this download initiated from, before any redirects.

The absolute URL that this download is being made from, after all redirects.

False if this download is recorded in the history, true if it is not recorded.

Indication of whether this download is thought to be safe or known to be suspicious.

The time when the download began in ISO 8601 format. May be passed directly to the Date constructor: chrome.downloads.search({}, function(items){items.forEach(function(item){console.log(new Date(item.startTime))})})

The time when the download ended in ISO 8601 format. May be passed directly to the Date constructor: chrome.downloads.search({}, function(items){items.forEach(function(item){if (item.endTime) console.log(new Date(item.endTime))})})

Estimated time when the download will complete in ISO 8601 format. May be passed directly to the Date constructor: chrome.downloads.search({}, function(items){items.forEach(function(item){if (item.estimatedEndTime) console.log(new Date(item.estimatedEndTime))})})

Indicates whether the download is progressing, interrupted, or complete.

True if the download has stopped reading data from the host, but kept the connection open.

True if the download is in progress and paused, or else if it is interrupted and can be resumed starting from where it was interrupted.

Why the download was interrupted. Several kinds of HTTP errors may be grouped under one of the errors beginning with SERVER_. Errors relating to the network begin with NETWORK_, errors relating to the process of writing the file to the file system begin with FILE_, and interruptions initiated by the user begin with USER_.

Whether the downloaded file still exists. This information may be out of date because Chrome does not automatically watch for file removal. Call search() in order to trigger the check for file existence. When the existence check completes, if the file has been deleted, then an onChanged event will fire. Note that search() does not wait for the existence check to finish before returning, so results from search() may not accurately reflect the file system. Also, search() may be called as often as necessary, but will not check for file existence any more frequently than once every 10 seconds.

The identifier for the extension that initiated this download if this download was initiated by an extension. Does not change once it is set.

The localized name of the extension that initiated this download if this download was initiated by an extension. May change if the extension changes its name or if the user changes their locale.

Download a URL. If the URL uses the HTTP[S] protocol, then the request will include all cookies currently set for its hostname. If both filename and saveAs are specified, then the Save As dialog will be displayed, pre-populated with the specified filename. If the download started successfully, callback will be called with the new DownloadItem`s downloadId. If there was an error starting the download, then callback will be called with downloadId undefined and runtime.lastError will contain a descriptive string. The error strings are not guaranteed to remain backwards compatible between releases. Extensions must not parse it.

A file path relative to the Downloads directory to contain the downloaded file, possibly containing subdirectories. Absolute paths, empty paths, and paths containing back-references will cause an error. onDeterminingFilename allows suggesting a filename after the file`s MIME type and a tentative filename have been determined.

Marvin allows you to download objects in several ways, when acting in LOCAL mode. Marvin downloads all objectsusing the SDSS Python package sdss_access. When downloading files, Marvin places the files in your local SAS hierarchy as specified by the $SAS_BASE_DIR environment variable.

Initializing Marvin objects with the download True flag.

Calling the download method from a set of query Results.

Both cubes will be downloaded and placed in

The cube for will be explicitly downloaded but the cube for will not be.

All cubes from the query results will be downloaded and placed in their respective locations in your local SAS.

downloadList() lets you download the files for cubes, images, maps, rss, mastar cubes, or the entire plate directory.

All cubes from your list will be downloaded and placed in their respective locations in your local SAS.

Tip: if you want to download all of the MaNGA Main Sample galaxies, check out the Sample Selection Tutorial .

Objects are images which can be freely used in Axialis products. They are usually used to create attractive icons or screensavers. You need to install a compatible Axialis product before using an Object Pack. The Objects proposed below are available as stand-alone installable packs. Just download and launch the installation. The Objects will be installed in the proper location in your Axialis Librarian (usually in ). Some packs can be used with the tryout version but others may require a registered version (valid product key needed).

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objects downloads
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