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Everyone knows what a fish is: from a pet goldfish to a wild sunfish, fish are globally recognized and are an important global protein source. In this slideshow, we will look at some of the most interesting and amazing species of fish that live in the ocean. Which fish gets its name from the 1950`s horror movie The Blob? Which fish has a special protein that prevents its blood from freezing as is swims through the Arctic waters? And which fish has a separate set of jaws that grab prey from its mouth and pulls it down its throat? Find out in this slideshow!

The larger fish in this picture are called sweetlips (Plectorhinchus) because of their big, fleshy lips. There are over thirty species of sweetlips, which tend to live on coral reefs in small groups.

“On an afternoon dive, I spotted a small group of sweetlips in the current among a shoal of juvenile convict blennies. It took me some time to get close to the fish without spooking them. I took several frames but this one was my favorite because of the position of the fish, particularly the one on the right who seems to be yawning.” - Nature`s Best Photographer, Jose Alejandro Alvarez

When most people think of catfish, they think of a freshwater fish. But the striped eel catfish (Plotosus lineatus) is found in marine systems including coral reefs, estuaries, tide pools and other coastal areas of the Indo-Western Pacific. The juveniles of the fish school in groups of up to 100, while the adults tend to stick to themselves or in smaller groups. Watch out for their spines: they contain a dangerous venom that can even prove fatal to humans in rare cases!

The ghoulish “blob sculpin” (Psychrolutes phrictus), a deepwater fish found off the Pacific coast of the U.S. from the Bering Sea to Southern California, can grow to about 70 cm (more than two feet) in length and eats small invertebrates. See more bizarre-looking ocean life in aslideshowof the scariest monsters of the deep-sea and learn more about the deep ocean in the Deep Ocean Exploration section.

Hardy head silversides (Atherinomorus lacunosus) are abundant fish in shallow water seagrass meadows throughout the Indo-Pacific that often form shoals. They feed primarily on zooplankton and small benthic invertebrates, and are an important part of the seagrass food web because they make an excellent food source for larger fish species.

An X-ray image of grooved razorfish (Centriscus scutatus). Razorfish are encased in thin, transparent bony plates attached to their spines, which you can see in the X-ray. Also known as shrimpfish, razorfish have a unique swimming style: they keep their bodies vertical (heads down, tails up) while propelling themselves forward in schools. Note that the back of the fish is bony and nearly straight; all of its fins are on its belly.

Scientists in the Division of Fishes at the Smithsonian`s National Museum of Natural History use X-ray images, like the one shown, to study the complex bone structure and diversity of fish without having to dissect or damage the specimen. In 2012, the National Museum of Natural History hosted a temporary exhibit that showcases fish evolution and diversity through 40 black and white X-ray images prepared for research purposes. See more photos from the exhibit.

By diving in the Curasub, Smithsonian researchers with the Deep Reef Observation Project (DROP) have discovered a new species of tiny fish in the biodiversity-rich waters of the southern Caribbean. The fish, a blenny named Haptoclinus dropi, is only around 2 cm in length with a beautiful color pattern that includes iridescence on the fins. Against a white background, it`s hard to see the beautiful coloration; but against a dark background, such as that found in deep water, the colors and iridescence stand out easily. Read about more discoveries from the DROP team on the Summer in a Sub blog.

Many of the other 2000 or so species of gobies form such symbiotic relationships, both commensalisms and mutualisms. Gobies and pistol shrimps will live together, with the near-blind shrimp tending their sandy burrow while the goby watches for predators. And cleaner gobies (Elacatinus) clean the mouths of bigger fish that would normally treat them as prey.

Spot the cat in the frame. Though hardly seen deep inside jungles, Fishing cats prefer to live near waterbodies. Adept swimmer they enter waterbodies frequently to prey on fish. They are known to even dive to catch fish.wildlife cats TeraiTales pic.

In all my years of Tindering, the Fish Men have always mystified me. You know who I mean: Those guys whose photos are, like, Dude Holding Giant Fish; Dude On A Boat Holding A Medium-Sized Fish; Three Dudes On A Dock Showing Off More Fish. Why do guys use photos with fish on Tinder? I wanted to learn more about this dating trend.

But the closest body of water to me is the murky East River. I had trouble finding the Fish Men. I knew they existed, as I've encountered them plenty of times before. Where were they hiding? Was it a seasonal phenomenon, occurring in the warmer months when people are more likely to be out fishing? Or were the lack of Fish Men due to the area — maybe fewer men in New York City enjoyed fishing, perhaps? Luckily, I had some travels planned: first, the suburbs of Philadelphia, and next, South Florida. The minute I left the city and opened Tinder, boom: Fish Men.

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picture fish, picture, fish,

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