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play seek

play seek

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There are many different ways for children to interact with each other during play experiences outdoors. Some children may enjoy playing around the structure by themselves, others may enjoy parallel play in close proximity to others, and some may like working closely and cooperatively with others. 

Some children who want to play may be apprehensive about the amount of sound and activity on the playground, or they may not be as comfortable with approaching others to initiate play with friends. Providing motivating and fun activities that are adapted to meet the individual needs of children with social-emotional disabilities can help encourage children to play in close proximity to others and to feel included in a group. 

Children can learn how to be patient and use strategies to communicate and interact with a friend to provide the emotional security, encouragement, and comfort they may need to play along.

In this game of backwards hide and seek, one person hides on, around, or under the playground equipment. All the other children take on the role of the “seeker.” The children search to find the friend who is hiding. When he is found, rather than shouting it out, the seeker joins the child in hiding. As play continues, more children squeeze together in the hiding spot until all children find it. The last person to find it starts the next game by being the person who hides while others count.

Request to download our inclusion programs, Me2® and 2Play Together to learn more about inclusive play and programming.

A playground supervisor must be familiar with the play environment as well as the playground equipment.

Movement play lights up the brain and fosters learning, innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience.

For finite duration media, playback may be positioned at any point in time between 0.0 and the duration of the media. MediaPlayer refines this definition by adding the startTime and stopTime properties which in effect define a virtual media source with time position constrained to [startTime,stopTime]. Media playback commences at startTime and continues to stopTime. The interval defined by these two endpoints is termed a cycle with duration being the difference of the stop and start times. This cycle may be set to repeat a specific or indefinite number of times. The total duration of media playback is then the product of the cycle duration and the number of times the cycle is played. If the stop time of the cycle is reached and the cycle is to be played again, the event handler registered with the onRepeat property is invoked. If the stop time is reached and the cycle is not to be repeated, then the event handler registered with the onEndOfMedia property is invoked. A zero-relative index of which cycle is presently being played is maintained by currentCount.

An AudioSpectrumListener may be useful for example to plot the frequency spectrum of the audio being played or to generate waveforms for a music visualizer.

We offer play seek

play seek, play, seek,

play seek
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